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How to choose styling products for the curly method: a beginner's guide

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

how to choose styling for curly hair

I always recommend starting styling your curly hair with what you have at home. The main thing here is to just try.

how to style curly hair for beginners

If you are a beginner who is planning to buy styling products for curly hair, then:

  • lower your expectations. Beautiful curly style depends 85 percent on the right styling technique and only 15 percent on the selected products,

  • start with products that spread easily through the hair. Usually, these are light- or medium-hold gels, styling creams, foams, and some mousses,

  • Start with the ones that are more accessible to you.

In this article, I've selected styling products that are suitable for beginners in the curly method. I've tried these light to medium hold stylings.

These products can be found offline, online in different locations (some in Europe, some in Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan). The entire selection is silicone-free styling products, as silicones often (but not always) weigh down curly hair.

Styling gels for curly hair

Gels based on synthetic polymers have a stronger hold than other styling products. Despite the fact that most gels have a thick consistency, they spread easily through wet hair. Gels are the key to textured, frizz-free styles.

Lakme K.Style Hottest Curl Action Gel

Styling gel for curly and curly hair. It smoothes frizz perfectly, adds shine, and gives a feeling of moisturized and soft hair. And it also has an incredible pink color.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly is a moisturizing one. It's great for dry, damaged, bleached hair. Holds down frizz and adds texture to the curls.

Wella Shockwaves Power Hold Styling Gel

It's just a good gel. Perhaps it has the best fixation of the entire collection.

Custards for curly hair

Custards are gels based on natural polymers (polysaccharides), they dry longer while retaining more moisture in the hair. As a result, the curls are more bouncy and elastic.

As I AM Curling Jelly

As I AM Curling Jelly is a lightweight hydrating gel (custard) that defines each curl, adds shine, removes fluff, and maintains volume.


"TAK I HODI" is suitable for styling coarse and thick hair. Thin and soft hair can soften even more. The gel is very liquid, so there will not be any problems with application.

Creams for styling curly hair

Creams can be divided into styling and conditioning. Styling creams are intended primarily for fixing hair. They have soft hold.

Conditioning creams usually more oily and heavy, they also define curls, but thre's no hold. Usually, they are applied before gels. However, tight curls can be fixed with such products.

SASHAPURE Perfectly Defining Curl Cream

It textures and activates curls, and has a very light fixation. It conditions the hair, helps to untangle it, and smoothes out damage. Also, it is an excellent base for gel or mousse.

Markel Strong Hold Foam Cream

Markell Foam, which is not really a foam, but a modeling cream. I have detailed review about it. It twists hair into beautiful doll-like curls. It does not make hair greasy and has a light hold.

Hair mousse

Mousses are OK for those who like voluminous hair with natural frizz and less defined texture (compared to gels). Mousse is a simple styling product. The results are always predictable. In this video I explained what mousses are and how to use them to get a good result.

WELLA Deluxe Hair Mousse

A good classic mousse, which is easily distributed through the hair, fixes well, and gives a voluminous styling. It has a slight stickiness.

Wella Shockwaves Mousse

Wella shockwaves mousse is the best mousse:

  • for any type of hair,

  • no stickiness,

  • good hold,

  • moisturizing finish without dryness.

Curly hair foam

For the formation of foam, a pump is used that mixes the liquid with air. Foams are more liquid than mousses. They look like foamy water, which makes them very light. That is why they are perfect for beginners in the curly method.

Curl Rock'n'Roll Grape Foam

This is the perfect styling for my thin and soft hair. Curls are defined, bounced, and lightweigh. It's a perfect match to soft hair which needs some frame.

Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn Mousse

The foam activates the curl, great for tight curls. The hold is very light.

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