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What kind of towel is the best for curly hair?

Cotton satin towel for gentle hair drying



dark red - powder

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Double-layer towel for hair.

Suitable for all hair types.

Size:  94  cm x 70cm.
Composition: 100% mercerised

satin weave cotton.

Wash and care:

  • Wash at 40°C on a normal cycle.

  • Best to iron the towel, when it is slightly damp at a temperature not exceeding 150 ° C.

  • Dry cleaning with any solvents is prohibited.

  • Bleaching is prohibited.

Why is an organic cotton hair towel worth choosing?

The wrong material can:

1) damage the cuticle;

2) fluff your hair;
3) do not absorb anything, or take water out of the hair too quickly.

To maintain the quality and beautiful appearance of hair, a towel should have:

  • low pile (smoothness);

  • low electrification;

  • optimal absorption.

Microfiber towel vs smooth organic cotton towel

Microfiber towels are suitable for quick drying. They rapidly absorb a lot of water. As a result, the hair remains frizzier and less hydrated.

Smooth mercerised cotton towels can't absorb that much water per unit area of fabric, so the hair stays moisturized and frizz-free.

Moreover, cotton is an organic material. While the composition of microfiber towels is a synthetic fiber made of polyester and polyamide.

Optimal cotton satin hair towel

Гладкое полотенце из сатина


100% cotton

Полотенце для длинных волос


94 cm x 70 cm

Тюрбан для волос



What are the advantages of smooth cotton satin towels?

WEAR RESISTANCE : the fabric does not shrink or shed (subject to the conditions of care)

SMOOTHNESS : the towel does not cause damage or frizz (gently squish the excess water with towel)

OPTIMAL ABSORPTION : thanks to the two layers of fabric and the large size

NATURAL MATERIAL : high quality cotton

Отзывы на полотенца для кудрей
Полетенце для волос, которое не пушит волосы

Why is cotton so smooth and shiny?

Curly Cosmos towels are made of high-quality cotton, subjected to a special treatment (mercerization), due to which the fabric becomes shiny, smooth, and wear-resistant compared to ordinary cotton. The satin weave gives the fabric good density.

Is this towel suitable for long hair?

The towel is large (94 cm x 70 cm)* and is suitable for long hair.

*may vary within 4 cm

Where is it sewn?


This is a one-person handicraft production (sewing design engineer). That is why there are only a few towels, and the quality of tailoring is the highest!

Made in Belarus.

How to order (price, delivery)?

The price of a towel is 24 euros.

Could be delivered from Latvia by the post office, Omniva or DPD.

The shipping cost depends on the country of destination and the number of towels.

Delivery from Latvia to Europe by post - 7 euros, Omniva - 6.99 euros (to Estonia, Lithuania), DPD (from 5,99 up to 21,99 depending on the country of destination).

Delivery to Latvia is free.

Could also be delivered from Belarus to Europe by post - 7 euros.


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