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5 habits for healthy hair

1. Use the conditioner

Conditioners protect the hair from damage and remove accumulated static electricity thanks to surfactants with a positive charge.

conditioner for healthy hair

2. Use non-rinsing products

This will improve the appearance of your hair, remove frizz and give your hair the shape you want.

In addition, indelible care and styling products protect hair from damage. This includes damage caused by heat appliances.

products for curly hair

3. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Silk fibers are smooth without gaps. This reduces the chance of hair damage from rubbing against the pillow. It also holds the style better.

4. Use the comb only as needed

Brushing always causes mechanical damage to the hair. This can be minimized by covering the cuticle with conditioner, oil, and styling product films.

Therefore, only conditioned hair should be combed.

5. Wash your hair as soon as it gets dirty

clean your scalp as often as needed

Have you ever heard this statement: "You can train your hair to be less oily by slowly reducing the frequency of shampooing so that your scalp gets used to not being rinsed as often, which naturally minimizes oil production"?


The type of scalp a person has - oily, normal or dry - is determined by the amount of sebum and hormonal background.

People with oily scalp have to wash the hair every single day or once in two days. Those who have normal scalp can wash their hair once in 3-4 days. Only people with dry scalp need to shampoo very rarely: once in 5-7 days.

Gyus this is normal to wash you hair as often as necessary!

Delaying washing your scalp will neither reduce the sebum nor change the hormonal background. The result will be dandruff, itching, and scalp irritation!

So, to keep your hair looking beautiful, resilient and bouncy, you need to limit damage and treat your hair and scalp carefully.

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